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for couples — Welcome!

Couple Clapping - Nicola SlatteryThank you for considering doing couples therapy with me. You're both being very resourceful in considering this step. If you haven't yet done so, please read the instructions for contacting me by clicking on the link to the left "For All New Clients". Once we have spoken to your satisfaction, and we've scheduled the initial appointment, please download the remaining forms listed below. Some are brief assignments, one is an article for you each to read to help you understand what to expect from your couples therapy, and the remaining links are to other forms that you'll need to download and/ or read, as well as fill in, for out first appointment together. I look forward to meeting you!

Six things couples need to do for therapy:

1. Each of you answer these questions and bring to our initial meeting.

2. Here's an article for both of you please read before our first session.

Print, fill out and sign the four *required forms below. This will just take a few minutes.

3. *Insurance Sheet
4. *Therapy Contract
5. *Printed signature page - required. ( Read the HIPPA Privacy Policy here )
6. Also Required Read AND Sign the State of Vermont disclosure statement.

Interesting Articles:

Don't Divorce Until You've...

Is Marriage Good for Your Health?

Here's an article about sexuality in the marriage, written by a local writer that some of you with children might relate to. (Some of you without children might relate as well.) The way she writes about this sensitive, vulnerable topic is so poignant, frank, and authentic.

The Course of Love, a novel by Alain de Button